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Service :

  1. Do you interact with our customers at all? - No.
    Generic Medicine Dropshipper at all times remains totally transparent to your end customer. All packaging is discreet and anonymous. We can include your company details on the packing slip which is shipped with the product if required.
  2. How fast are orders delivered? - Orders are shipped within maximum 48 hours (normally within 12 hours) and take 4 - 21 days for delivery (average 10 days). Due to our geographic location, orders can only be delivered as fast as connecting flights and other international mail infrastructure allows.
  3. What is your delivery success rate? - Our average "first time, every time" delivery rate [*over more than 5 years of shipping*] is currently running at 98.6%


Products :

  1. How can we be sure you ship quality products? – Generic Medicine Dropshipper sets the highest possible standards for its product manufacture. Manufacturing facilities are audited in accordance with strict WHO GMP guidelines and also required to be ISO 9001 Quality Systems Certified. We personally visit manufacturers on a frequent basis to ensure ongoing compliance with these strict standards. Once manufactured, all products are analyzed by independent 3rd-party laboratories for conformity, uniformity and purity. These independent tests ensure final quality before we accept any deliveries.
  2. Do you ship any products besides those listed on your Products page? - Yes. We are always happy to discuss your unique requirements.


Financials :

  1. How do I pay you for Drop shipping? – Generic Medicine Dropshipper requires you to transfer funds directly into our bank account. Upon receipt of your funds, your account at Generic Medicine Dropshipper will be credited. We will only ship an order if you have sufficient funds in your account to cover the cost of that order.
  2. Do you require upfront payment? - Yes. Generic Medicine Dropshipper will only ship an order if you have sufficient funds in your account to cover the cost of that order. As such, you need to deposit funds into your account before you begin trading. We provide CREDIT on need basis.
  3. Is there a minimum payment? – Generic Medicine Dropshipper only deals with high volume clients. This enables us to keep costs low and benefit from economies of scale. These benefits are passed on to our customers. The minimum deposit required to start trading with Medicine Dropshipper is US$1000.


We can supply about  more than 1000 brands of generics. Simply write the name of generic and we will get you the best price!